Saturday, April 29, 2017

Canada Trip

     Talked with the man up at the Elbow Lake Lodge in Grass River Park this morning. His name is Steve and was more than friendly. The lodge isn't a fly-in or drive-to but an in between, forty mile boat trip up the Cranberry Lakes from Cranberry Portage. Years back Allan and I canoed up the Grass River and passed through Elbow Lake on our way to the more remote Claw Lake. Fishing-wise it was the best trip we had. Honestly, we caught better than a ton of pike, average size of eight to ten pounds. The paddle took two days over thirty-five miles and three portages. That was the trip we found the boys from Flin Flon occupying the campsite we were heading for. Also found ourselves that night filled with walleye fillets and Labatts Blue, trying to locate our campsite under starlight. This year's trip in will be an hour and a half with someone else at the helm.
     I asked Steve if Allan and I could day trip into Claw Lake and he said yes, though he said the fishing was better on Elbow. Even offered to guide us should we want. Besides Claw, he said the lodge had boats stashed on four other remote lakes. But emphasized the only reason to head to the backwaters would be if we wanted to go for a walk. We'll see. The idea of fresh water always has its appeal.

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