Thursday, April 27, 2017


     I believe my son has lost faith in my aging, decrepit body (and mind). In a conversation today I mentioned in passing an affordable, wilderness cabin up in Grass River Provincial Park. I'd brought it up as an example that not all Canadian wilderness fishing trips are over-the-top expensive these days. Most run around two thousand per person for six days fishing. Such a trip might not be the fishing trip of a lifetime but it sure would price a normal person out of doing more than one (if that).
     We'd been talking of our possible wilderness canoeing and camping trip when I brought it up. That Allan seemed to be keen on the idea of a cabin took me by surprise. After all, he's a fit man in his late thirties and could handle most anything. Then again, I'm not. So, as it turns out we're now exploring a change of plans. Maybe a rustic cabin isn't quite as manly as our earlier trips but it would give us pretty much the same experience without near as much pain. What the hell, we could always pitch the tent out front of the cabin.

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