Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Whistling in the Dark

     Haven't posted in a while.  Like last winter me and my Uncle Emil are off to the northland doing man stuff.  Seems like I can't get the woods out of my blood.  This time we're building a cabin off the Arrowhead Trail within spitting distance of the Boundary Waters.  Not as exciting as a trip to an unnamed lake in northern Manitoba but it'll have to do.  I'm more than halfway though this pseudo memoir with the intention of eventually adding a third, probably next winter.
     The design of the building came from hours of daydreaming while driving the backroads of Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Helped pass the time between delivery stops.  When I hear of a semi freight-training off the interstate for no apparent reason I figure the driver may have been lost in the ozone and didn't make it back in time.  Guess I was lucky.
     The thought struck me around New Year's Day that I'll never get a chance to build another cabin, for obvious reasons.  You know the ones, age, common sense, ain't one hundred percent done with the first one.  Then it dawned on me I could build one on paper (or whatever the hell you'd call typing it out in a blog).  Didn't figure it'd take as long as the real thing but it has, at least to this point.
     Anyhow, I'm still down here on the Gulf coast waiting for the water to warm.  Been out fishing only three times with equal results.  Went out for near an hour one evening figuring night fishing might turn the trick.  Was a nice way to spend time in the dark.  And the fishing was not one whit poorer than in daylight.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Using My Noodle

     Yes I have been out with the noodle rod.  Outside of nearly falling off the pier each time I cast it, things are going well.  Don't know if it's my advancing years and lack of balance or I'm just so darned strong I fling it too hard.  Probably the former seasoned with a touch of fear I'll become one with the fishes 'cause of a slight misstep.  When casting I'm never exactly sure where my leading foot will come down.  I'm hoping for concrete but can't look down and throw a spinner at the same time.  Guess multi-tasking is a thing of the past.
     The weather's supposed to warm over the next few days.  Fish like warm.  So do I.  Warm is good.  Might even heat the water enough to activate the fish.   Don't know what I'd do should I catch something.  Most likely panic.  Each time out I have no expectations of catching but come prepared should I get lucky (unlucky?).  Needle nose, forceps, handgun and claw hammer.  All the usual.  Maybe I should bring my copy of "Now That You've Caught It, What the Heck is It?"  There's things out there in salt water I don't want to know about.  Scary things that eat people or at least cause near death level pain.  The intent of the book is to let me know whether I want to handle what I've caught or simply cut the line.  Good thing there's an Urgent Care just up the road.
      Might even give night fishing a try.  There's a whole series of sturdy concrete poles on the pier.   Tie myself off and I'd be invincible.