Monday, May 1, 2017


     I know it's early but I pulled the fishing gear out today to see what I had and what shape it was in. After all my fishing years you'd think I had it all mentally cataloged but I don't. Blame it on my age or blame it on having only doing one fishing trip in the last year, doesn't matter to me. Only one thing came as a surprise. Long story short, most everything is in good shape and there's plenty of it. We could leave in the morning and not lack for a thing.
     My son Allan likes to fish with in-line spinners nearly as much as I do. Could be genetic, more likely that's what I gave him to slip on the action end of his line nearly thirty years ago. And probably added some fatherly wisdom like, "Your choice of lure is purely up to you but should you choose anything but spinners, you'd best be in someone else's canoe."
     If you've read any of my fishing entries from the early years you know that I make my own spinners. At first it was because I was cheap. Over the years I actually developed some skill and now turn out functional, long lasting, and almost attractive lures. Of course that's my opinion but they do catch fish, bass, pike, walleyes, trout, pebbles, branches, and to this point, no human beings. What more could I want?
     Anyhow, while rummaging through my lure parts drawers I came upon a dozen new spinners from two years ago. I recall making five dozen and giving most away (actually sold them to friends and relatives at cost. Now that I'm retired I work for free) but I'd squirreled a dozen for Allan should the notion ever come on him to hit the water again.
     Well, that time is upon us though I find it hard to believe our trip will actually take place. However, today I did reserve us an overnight cabin next to the government dock in Cranberry Portage, Manitoba for the night before the lodge boat comes to fetch us. How civilized. Eighty-two days and counting.

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