Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Dog Gets a Bone

     It is possible there might be a Canadian canoe trip in my future, one that might be more than a four day fling. Maybe even more than a week and with my son Allan. Have to let that fester and compost down before I write more.
     Problem with this dog is his age. Seems he doesn't chew bones like he used to. That's a concern. The idea of traveling forty-five miles with three miles of portages along the way is a thing of the past but the call remains. I looked over a few wilderness fishing photos today. What struck me wasn't the fish but the horizon of trees in the background. Place speaks louder than pike.
     There remains a small project at the cabin that's been waiting on Allan and I for better than a decade. It's an ugly one that requires leather gloves and better than a day of sweat. Should we have ten days to play with that leaves enough time for a fair sized wilderness experience. Where to go? I see at least four choices, all of them good. The BWCA, Quetico, Woodland Caribou Provincial Park in Ontario and the old reliable, Grass River Park in Manitoba. Since it'll be an early fall trip we've plenty of time to decide. Also to consider are the driving miles; how much time do we want to spend behind the windshield? Simply put, driving miles subtract from time on the water.
     Even if this trip doesn't happen, at least I've got something to plan.

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