Thursday, April 13, 2017

End Thoughts

     The more I consider the options, the more the trip on the Grass River stands out. We'd have fifteen miles of river to explore and could go as far as huge Reed Lake. There'd be a few short portages, rapids, lakes to fish and we should be able to exit without worry of being wind bound. Reed is noted for its huge pike and lake trout. Throw that in with walleyes along the way and we'd have, what for me might very well be the trip of a lifetime as I doubt I'll do anything like this again (like I wrote earlier, the Boundary Waters doesn't count).
     From the get-go the idea was Allan's. There's no way I could have asked him. What with a career, three young sons, a wife and all of the responsibility that entails, I figured our wilderness days were done (not to mention my age). But for whatever reason, Allan seems to miss our time together, as do I. Long story short, this trip may or may not happen but the possibility gives me something to dream of and plan. Sometimes that's enough.

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