Sunday, April 24, 2016

Tough Year

     Not much to write about since last summer.  Made it to the cabin early in July then hung at home awaiting the call that'd tell us our fifth grandchild was on the way.  His name is Joshua.  While he was entering the world we had his brothers.  A week later Lois was diagnosed with cancer.  After surgery and chemo she's doing okay.  Then came winter in Alabama where she did her radiation.  When push comes to shove time in the woods and on the water takes a back seat to life.  However, we made it north last week.
     Outside of dust and dead flies the cabin was as we'd left it.  Each time we approach the gate at the beginning of the year there's always the fear of a breakin.  Seems 'Minnesota nice' doesn't apply to everyone.  This time, no problem.  Also, no leaves anywhere.  Guess spring hasn't fully sprung in the northland.
     Over the winter months I wrote the third part of my fictitious years with Uncle Emil.  Now it's in the process of becoming an actual book, maybe.  Yah, me write book.  Mostly it'd be nice to have a professional read the entries and let me know if they're wasted words or a decent tale.  I have my opinions but they're heavily prejudiced.
     One month till the Boundary Waters trip.  I'm finally getting off my duff and preparing.  Trying to keep it simple this year.  Good luck with that.  More paddles in the offing.  Maybe I'll take a few pics and post them.

Thursday, April 14, 2016


     It ain't everything but it sure bends the twig.  Motivates and sometimes procrastinates.  Twenty years ago I counted the days from one wilderness trip to the next.  Did so on a daily basis when the number dropped below a hundred.  Don't do that anymore.  Could have to do with being retired.  Age softens desire in many ways.  Yeah it's still there, still stop for a moment now and then to count the days.  Forty if you must know.  In a week or two I'll pull out the gear and check for condition.  How's the screening on the tent, do the self-inflating pads hold air, etc.?  This year Brian and I'll actually coordinate our food list.  We brought enough for four last year.  It's a pleasure to eat well but when it cuts into fishing time….
     The plan this year is to eat some walleyes and perch, one or two meals worth should we be lucky.  Most would think that goes without saying.  Eat fish on a fishing trip?  Yup, sounds like they go hand in glove.  Also saves carry weight.  That's a goal this year.  Last year on our drive home we drew up a list of 'don't needs' and 'didn't use.'  No hard sided cooler, no chairs, less food, no seat backs, maybe a freeze dried meal or two.  All told, twenty-five pounds.  We've a hundred, twenty-two years between us, less to carry is good.  Yeah, I'm entering the wimpy years.  Not there yet but it's in sight.
     On an up note, I've spent a few hours checking out vintage spinning rods on ebay.  Almost but not quite bid on one or two.  Would've but could see no need for more rods unless they came from a garage sale for less than five bucks.  Then it wouldn't be so much a rod as a good deal.  Big difference.
     I haven't written much in the last two weeks.  Call it a deflation.  Finished the third Uncle Emil story and for the moment have run out of things to say.  Simple as that.  Instead, I rewrite and revise.