Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Where To Go? part II (the south of the north)

     Farther south and east in Ontario lies Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, another wilderness destination. Like the Grass River area I already have the maps. WCPP also provides first class wilderness canoe travel and fishing and shaves six hours driving time each way. Maybe. A man I used to work with did the trip twice. He said there's thirty to sixty miles of rough gravel between permit pickup points and the accesses. Not a place you'd want to have the transmission go out. The other downside is the fee for camping, $180 for two people, eight days. Access to the park is not easy and most points require paddling a few small lakes and portages to cross the boundary. Could be the reason no reservations are required and only a thousand or so canoeist make the trek each year.
     Then there's Quetico. Allan's not a fan of Quetico. Back in 2004 the double whammy of my back going out and finding ourselves on a lake going through turnover had us skedaddling back to the cabin after three days. However, should we do the twenty mile paddle and portage into Jean Lake I'm pretty sure we'd be onto fine fishing. Quetico also calls for a $180 back country camping fee but no reservation should we head north after September 4. Yup, it's a possibility.
     S'pose I should mention the Boundary Waters but after the last half dozen possibilities it sure seems civilized.

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