Tuesday, December 30, 2014

'Bamaland - 2014-5

     Arrived today.  Gear still in the process of being unloaded and sorted.  Hopefully there'll be something to write about over the next few months.  No wilderness, no canoe, no Canada but Alabama has more A's.  Close enough.  Gotta long rod, spinners to fling, hardly even need any fish.  Yup, I'm the zen fisherman.  Only thing more zen-like would be to not fish at all.  Skunked?  The zen fisherman is never skunked.  What is the sound of one arm casting?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Panic Time

     So what did I forget?  Have one rod and one reel.  Enough so long as nothing goes wrong.  Best pack another set, but which ones?  Decided on a decent reel I have no love for and a seven and a half foot fiberglass light weight I kinda do like.  Problem solved?  Problems are never solved, they simply evolve.
     Then there's all the lure making stuff.  Blades, wire former, buck tails, etc.  I know I've missed something but I'll be damned if I'm treading through all the crap again.
     Yeah, packing for three months involves a lot of preparation.  Just writing these words makes me want to throw in a couple of fly rod setups just in case.  Or maybe pack the waders.  Yeah, the waders.  I can just see me now, ball deep in the bay, humming a happy tune, when along floats a jellyfish.  Then another, and another till I'm surrounded by the slimy buggers.  My waders aren't breathable.  In a panic I just might fill them to the knees with bodily fluids.  Not good.  Best sleep on it.