Sunday, April 5, 2015

Back in the Northland

     Been tying buck tails for fifteen years.  Still haven't got it right but I'm getting better.  The last couple down in Alabama were pretty close to perfect, whatever that might be.  Don't know if they'll catch fish but they'll sure look pretty in a tackle box.  Almost a shame to use them and mess 'em up.  Two types of feathers, three colors of bucktail, some flashabou, all mixed together in a variety of combinations.  No two the same.  Sure not like a Mepps production line popping out matching colors and balanced lures.
     Sixty-five days till the Boundary Waters.  Figured I'd be long passed my counting down days by this time in life.  The thrill is gone but I'm still counting.  Guess I'm just a counting kind of guy.  Good thing I've got something to count.  And look forward to.

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