Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Future

     Three grandsons and a granddaughter, each with a future I'd like to see.  Also wouldn't mind spending some time on the water with them.  Already done that with Jakob but not in a canoe.  And, to me, a canoe's the way to go.  Takes longer to get where you want to go but only if where you want to go is a ways away.  In most of the lakes we fish, where we want to go is a right and a half dozen canoe lengths away so distance is rarely a problem.  And when it's a challenge, like a thirty mile paddle with five portages, the destination usually tastes that much sweeter.
     At the moment two of the grandsons, ages two and four, are doing artwork in the kitchen with their grandmother.  Part of their collages involves fish, funny looking fish with oversized eyes and eye lashes.  We're watching them for a few days while mom and dad are taking a break.  Till the boys are gone there'll be no lure making and not much writing.  I'll take that exchange any day.  Well, most any day.

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