Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ice Out

     Spring's coming early this year.  The word down in Alabama over the winter sounded like the northland was under an ice assault straight from the gates of hell.  Guess I write that up to (oops had to run over and keep one grandson from bloodying the other) - seven hours later and I have no clue where I was going with that sentence.  Maybe that ice out is running a week or more earlier than normal.  Should put the smallmouth off the beds and then some.  That's good.  Should there be a quality black fly hatch, it'll most likely be on the wane.  That's also good.  Beyond that, it's a crap shoot.
     Checked the DNR's ice out map this morning.  Yup, seems things are running about ten or twelve days ahead of normal.  Don't know what that means for the Arrowhead region as their winter seemed a little more severe.  As for me, I'm heading into the yard to clean up the mess.  The joys of home ownership are never ending.
     In year's past mid-April would find me counting days, reading all I could find on the mating habits of fish (spring fishing is all about sex), and trying to nail down exactly how the fishing would go.  Did no good but did pass the time.  Guess, like the weather, there's too many variables as to when the bite'll be on.  Us German/Swede hybrids don't fancy variables.  If the world ran just like we wanted there'd be no point doing anything 'cause we'd have already done the math and would know what tomorrow would bring.  Ain't easy accepting the unknown inevitable.

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