Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lethargy on Perdido Bay

     Just can't get up the urge to fish.  I figure it's the fault of the fish. They're the wrong kind.  And they seem to be avoiding me.  Could be political, religious or maybe both.  So what I do instead is tie a variety of feathered, furred and tinseled treble hooks.  Still slow as molasses at it but they're getting prettier.  Don't know if they'll catch fish but they'll sure look nice in the bog stained waters of the Boundary Waters.
     Brian says he's willing to take a chance on my spinners and even reimburse me for materials.  What more could I ask?  Twenty bucks will get him sixteen spinners of varying sizes and configurations.  Unless the urge strikes me while at the vise and wire bender.  Maybe I'll fill his tackle box.
     Beyond that I continue the Emil's Cabin story.  First draft is near done and close to resting time.  Let it sit for a month before reworking.  Changed the name of the younger character mid-tale.  Calling him Archie feels better but will have to rework the introduction to the Canada Trip story.  Didn't care for it anyhow.

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