Monday, April 7, 2014

If It Smells Like a Skunk

     The sea trout and red fish can rest easy now that I'm gone.  No fear that I might accidentally snag one.  The plan was for three days of actually trying to catch something before leaving Alabama.  Didn't happen.  The weather cooperated.  All three days were warm and relatively calm.  Good weather to throw weighted flies.  Water warm enough to wade wet.  All the stars were lined up but my stupidity got in the way.
      Long story short, I sweat way too much from my compulsive need for exercise and drank little that didn't have caffein or alcohol in it.  Oh sweet tea, how I love you with meals.  And how you and your buddy pale ale drain me of water.  On the upside the EMT's were friendly and helpful.  Ten days later and I'm still recovering.  My doctor back here in Minnesota said to give it another two weeks and see how it goes.
     So that's my excuse for being skunked.  I've got lots more where that one came from should the need arise.
     Won't be long and the lakes near home will be ice free.  Hopefully my body and brain will go through ice out at the same time.

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