Thursday, April 10, 2014

Changes and Memory Lapse - in progress

     A while back I wrote about the affordability of vintage fiberglass fly rods.  Ain't so any more.  Maybe it's the economy or possibly people like me who shot their mouths off and let that vintage cat out of the bag.  In short prices have nearly doubled in the last eight months.  Glad I bought the two that I did.  I knew that someday the world would pass me by but not that fast.  As my Uncle Emil would say, "Uf dah."
     Last evening I had a fine idea of what I'd write about next.  Deep, complex, thoughtful, wise and with a touch of light humor.  Should have made a note on the back of my hand.  'Bout all that floats between my ears at the moment is the color of the wall in front of me and a desire to check out what's in the fridge.  Should inspiration strike I'll continue  tomorrow.

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