Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bellyaching - I do that well

     Snowed ten inches yesterday.  April in Minnesota and snow is to be expected.  And I do expect it.  And do complain about it.  Not out loud of course.  If anyone heard me they'd simply smile and say, "It's April in Minnesota.  What did you expect?"  So I keep quiet, go outside and shovel the walk.  With a lot of steam behind the shovel.
     Let's see.  Oh yeah, the lakes are still frozen.  What did I expect when we returned from Alabama last Wednesday? They're almost always frozen near the beginning of April.  But they weren't down south.  Probably haven't frozen in 'Bamaland since the last ice age.
     There's a chain of acre-sized ponds on a golf course down there that are crawling with bass and panfish.  In January!  Most every time I pass them I point the fish out to those waiting on the tees nearby.  And go off on a rant about bringing a rod with me next year and fishing for the bass while we wait.  Who knows?  Maybe I will.  A kind of stunt like that would be right up my alley - a dark alley lined by closed dumpsters with laughter rising out of them.  The thought of my golf grips smelling of bass has an appeal for me that exceeds desire for a hole in one.  Not even close.
     My wife and I have given thought to moving down there near water.  Somehow I don't see myself as a back-bay, salt water fisherman.  Raised in the wrong part of the world I guess.  But….

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