Monday, March 27, 2017


     For the last three months I've been turning two of my blogs into books. Not expecting anything from the compilations beyond correct spelling and intentional grammar. Call it an indulgence. I'm slowly creeping up on an age when my memories will dominate my thoughts. Not there yet and with luck will have a few canoeing and fishing adventures as the year goes on. Simply put, I need more memories. Can't have them unless I get off my butt and set it down on the bow seat of a canoe.
     Talked with an outfitter this morning about renting a canoe. My seventeen footers don't allow enough casting space for three fishermen. I'm more concerned this year about being caught than catching. The boat will be a twenty foot Minnesota III by Wenonah!. I might also wear a helmet just in case. The seat immediately to my front will be filled by my grandson Jakob. Though he's an athletically gifted eleven year old, I'm a confidence challenged seventy year old who'd like to see seventy-one with both ears still in place. Hopefully the longer boat will help in that direction.
     So there we have it to this point, boat and entry permit reserved. A few more things to yet be done. A lightweight tarp to use a rain shelter along with a renewal of my trucker's hitch vows would be nice and maybe fool Jakob into thinking I know what I'm doing. Thank God for u-tube. Seeing a video on how to string a tarp beats the crap out of reading about a rabbit, a hole and a tree. Then there's the issue of my son-in-law's back. Ibuprofen will be packed in quantity but seeing as how Ryan has a birthday coming, I might have a more creative solution.

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