Sunday, May 3, 2015


     Feels like summer in Sioux Falls.  Wouldn't say that if I was somewhere else.  Nice enough in the morning to head out in t-shirt and shorts.  Maybe squat alongside a river rock strewn garden bed and half-heartedly look for agates.  Maybe even let my mind wander (as though I can stop it).  Yeah, my mind wanders a lot.  Guess it has a mind of it's own.  Anyhow, those little rocks started me thinking of the big rocks they came from.  Long story short, a few seconds later  I'm wondering about what came before the Big Bang, the meaning of infinity and how the fishing might go this year, each one unanswerable and pointless to speculate upon.
     However, in a little bit I'll know the answer to the last.  Got the Boys From South and West of the Border Fishing Extravaganza coming up in two and a half weeks, quickly followed by the Boundary Waters trip.  Those that know and write about fishing in the local paper say things are definitely running ahead of schedule.  I believe that to be in our favor.  Or maybe not.  'Bout all we can do is be ready and take it as it comes.
     Then there's the question of what lakes we'll fish.  That one always comes up.  One of our standbys is gone.  It's a case of old guys fearing the consequences of three miles of serious erosion on a minimum maintenance road that's had no maintenance in at least ten years, a jagged rock and boulder misery of the first order.  Call it fear of the walk out more than of the drive in.
     Not many mysteries as to our other choices.  A pair we rediscovered last year proved worth the return and we'll hit them again this year.  A third we were only on once about five years ago.  The wind was up and it was tough fishing.  The DNR survey tells us the fish count is good.  S'pose it's worth a return.  The lakes we fish tend to shine in the evening.  Could have to do with where we sleep and where we fish.  Usually there's a forty minute drive between.  Up at six.  Breakfast.  Hit the road by seven.  On the water around eight.  Fishing slows around nine.  Small window.  Good excuse.
     Anyhow, the dates are on the calendar and the lures are being finished.

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