Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dry Spells on the Water

     Spent most of yesterday working on my son and daughter-in-law's deer-proof, raised garden bed,  It's a bigger project than it sounds..  Seventy feet of wall, interior deck, fancy gate and six foot high screening.  Been working on it on and off since last fall.  We're down to some trim work.  As it stands, it's usable and will keep the deer out.  While my son and I worked we briefly talked of creativity and the conditions needed to work through the layers of an idea.  He brings ideas to life for a living.  I peck away to keep my brain from leaking out of my nose and hopefully have a little fun at the same time.  But, for the most part, the two activities are the same.

     Aside:  Odd how things work out.  While writing, an idea came to me how to fix a design problem for the garden bed.  Will be both functional and decorative.  Wonder where that came from?

     The gist is that ideas, like the one above, pop up when your brain is free to roam.  No distractions.  Once popped, they need time to be explored.  Rarely does a moment of creativity arise full blown.  Most often an idea is a doorway into a world that needs exploring.
     What I'm working my way around to is, at the moment I'm waiting for a new door to appear.  Hope something fun and exciting is behind it.  Odds are it won't show up till after the next fishing trip.

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