Friday, June 6, 2014

Bite Problems

     No, not that bite.  Not the one where you're talking about how good the fishing is.  As in, "How's the bite?"  "Not bad, I'm gettin' my share."  No, it's my teeth, pure and simple.
     It all goes back to my first spool of monofilament line.  Use a knife to cut it?  Not me or for that matter most any fisherman I ever wet a line with.  A real man tied his knot and bit the tag end off with  his razor sharp front teeth (whatever they're called).  Yeah, that's the way real men do it.  No nail clippers like those stuffed shirt, candy-assed fly fishermen.
     Since I've started throwing flies more frequently I've continued to bite line.  But it's not working like it used to.  Fifty plus years have taken their toll on my choppers.  They're dull.  No two ways about it.  And the front two, primary line slicers are no longer the same length.  It's a real challenge biting the tag end right down to the knot.  Usually takes a couple of snaps and the second piece is scary short.  Takes real concentration to not lose it in my mouth and end up hacking and and choking on it all the way to the emergency room to have it surgically removed.  reminds w me of the days I used to have a mustache.   Perhaps I've matured to the point of accepting the humiliation of nail clippers.  Probably would have been a good idea from day one.

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