Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Gathering the Gear

     Leaving on Sunday.  Two days on my own then five with the Iowa lads.  More or less have the lakes picked out and the fishing gear ready to go.
     Lakes are always a consideration and I like to throw in a new one or two every year.  Guessing which ones are going to produce is always a crap shoot.  There are a couple I always go back to year after year and there are a few I haven't seen in better than ten years.  The guiding principles for quality water haven't changed since those first days; the fewer the cabins and the worse the access the better the fishing.  But, as usual, I'm doing a map aided rundown of every lake in the area with hopes a miracle might happen and the lake of my dreams will call out to me.
     Seems I've fished nearly every fish bearing small lake within twenty five miles of the cabin.  I once did a count but have since forgotten the number.  Now I'm either too lazy to do a recount or just don't think knowing the number would matter a whole lot.  I'm leaning toward the latter 'cause it makes me seem more like a wise old man than one who has a hard time remembering which way to turn when leaving the driveway.

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