Thursday, January 16, 2014

So What Else is New?

     Out whippin' the rod again today.  Didn't spend a lot of time but threw out a few dozen casts.  Each day it gets better and the line lays down just like it should once in a while.  The idea today was to relax, shorten the stroke and get some whip in the line.
     Last night a half hour video on U-Tube told me exactly how to cast.  Simple as pie.  Following that a couple of shorts by Lefty Kreh said to do it differently than the first guy.  Today I watched the queen of the long rod, Joan Wulff, who showed me a different method.  And each one of 'em said they were right.  Had to be 'cause they were all flingin' a whole lot of line with hardly any effort at all.
     One thing they all said was to keep it simple, don't bend your wrist and get a feel for the timing.  And, oh yeah, practice (plus maybe buy their video).

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