Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Have Fly Rod, Will Wait

     Spent a few minutes this afternoon prepping my salt water gear.  New backing and line on the old  reel.  Not as easy as it sounds for a man who's knot challenged.  Thank God for the ease of the internet.  A three minute video refreshed my non-existant memory of how to tie an Albright knot.  A few minutes of fumbling and strangely enough what I tied looked a lot like what was in the video.
     The only thing missing now is a fishing license.  The fine for disturbing the fish with out a legal permit down here in Alabama is a pistol whipping, rib busting and thirty days in jail with Bubba for a roomie.  Though I've never been pistol whipped, it ain't on my bucket list so I'll wait till tomorrow and get legal.
     Down by the docks we saw a porpoise porping by.  Lois saw the majesty of it.  I saw a sea mammal looking for food.  Must be fish out there and those damned porpoises better leave them alone till I get my share.

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  1. Flyfishing with the coldest nigh of the year in decades coming on here in Gopher lands. I'm really jealous. Good luck....;)