Saturday, December 21, 2013

Home Made is Best (maybe)

     Got the rods, a reel, backing, line and leaders.  Enough to do all the fly fishing I want.  'Course it might not hurt to have something on the end of the line just in case there's any foolish fish in Perdido Bay.  That thought got me rummaging in my fly box to see what might look good to speckled sea trout or any other unknowns in the water down there.
     On the upside, most of what I have is self-tied.  And not a one of them looks like what anyone would consider a fly, or minnow, or crayfish, or ant, or anything that lives on the planet.  In my mind that means everyone of them would be equally effective in freshwater or salt.  That's the good news.  
     On the downside I've only caught bass and pike with them.  And those fish ain't particular as to what they'll eat so long as it moves.  Could there be any fish in the ocean that are the same?
     Just in case there aren't, it got me thinking about Venn diagrams.  They're the ones where you draw two overlappin' circles and what you want is in the overlap part.  My two circles were labeled Real Fishin' Flies and Flies a Bimbo Like Me Can Tie.  The overlap was real small.  Two flies were about it.  San Juan Worms and Clauser Minnows.  
     Neither is a real fly.  The San Juan is a red piece of string tied on a hook.  Not fancy but idiot easy.  However I didn't figure a worm native to New Mexico trout streams would have much affect on ocean fish. The Clauser on the other hand is more or less a lead head, bucktail jig with eyes instead of a lead head. Top that off with them being effective in fresh and salt water on a variety of shallow water fish and I set to work.
     In my supplies I had all that was necessary to make a dozen.  That's it, no more.  Should the fishin' be good, I'm screwed.  That's Norwegian humor comin' from a Swede.  
     Truth is, all I want is time to improve my marginal casting.  And maybe not tear off my right ear in the process.  Should I catch any fish I'll write it off to cosmic coincidence.

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