Monday, December 9, 2013


     What to do?  We head down to Alabama for the winter months.  I'd like to practice my fly casting while down there but don't much care if I catch anything.  In fact I'd prefer bein' skunked as it would simplify life.  But since I'd be casting into open water I'd be required to buy a license. Forty-seven bucks.  Life in an organized society has its minor draw backs.  Not enough to join up with the vigilante/military wanna be/I don't owe the government nothin' crowd but it's irksome just the same.
     I've got a cheap old rod and a cheaper old reel but lack the saltwater line that wouldn't crud up on me.  Another thirty bucks.  If I wasn't so damned cheap it wouldn't be a problem.  But I am and it is.  Time to flip the coin.

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