Thursday, November 7, 2013

Haven't forgotten II

     I 'spect it was guilt that drove me to the hike.  Back last Fall I wrote something about intending to walk the eighty-five miles of it that pass through the Chippewa National Forest.  And over the months that followed gave it a lot of thought.  Why not?  Thinking about something is a whole lot easier than doin' it.  And the walk can proceed any way you want it.  No rain.  No bugs.  No Lyme disease.  Hell, so long as it stays in a person's mind a man could walk from here to the ends of the earth and back.  No sweat.
     But, you see, I went and stuck my neck out.  Wrote the intention down and threw it out into the ether.   There a few odd souls I've never met who might have read of this intention and would think me a wimp if I didn't carry it out.  So, on my last morning I jumped into my truck, headed north and put a little more money where my mouth is.  
     More tomorrow, hopefully.

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