Thursday, March 7, 2013

Words Fail Me - or so it seems

     Wrote and e-mailed my last  Boundary Waters Reader entry today.  I had no intention of writing a fifth one but I was bored. And am a word junkie.  I broke down and now need to go to rehab. My name is Coolfront and I am addicted to words, cheap ones. What else could I do?
     It's about rolling a canoe, mine.  The words all look fine.  Kept it short and sweet 'cause they need some quick, in and out, get it over with but keep it interesting, pieces.  There's even a little humor but it just doesn't sit right with me, no depth.  Sister Eleanor Marie would have said it's too cut and dried.  But I've already sent it off. Ah well.
     The last few days I've gone back and reread parts of Learning Curve.  Can't say it's all that bad, at least 'til it starts into the actual fishing and canoeing.  I like Uncle Emil and his sarcastic wit a lot.  But I just can't see all of our trips as a beginning to end story.  Too much of the same thing once we hit the water.  We came, we saw, we did pretty much the same thing but in a different place.  Journal, yes.  Story, no.
     But maybe as a couple of pieces set in a series of essays.  Humor and meaning in the big woods.  Father and son doin' stuff together.  Uncle Emil coming along to throw in a couple of wise cracks now and then.  Don't know about that. Probably it's just so much speculating on a writing future that will never be.
     On the upside, I've gotten an e-mail about possible dates for this year's spring fishing fling.  Something to think about.  Seems to me I remember this year's theme as being walleyes, walleyes, walleyes but will settle for bass.

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