Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Walleyes for Hawkeyes

     That's Hawkeyes as in, People from Iowa for those of you not into Big-10ese.  Sounds like they're coming again and they're interested in the state fish, on the end of their lines even.  Maybe I'll have them stop at Morey's fish market in Baxter on the way up and pick up some fillets.
     But I've got a plan, a three laker, with walleyes, smallmouth bass and a little wilderness in mind.  If it's just fish on the line that they want, that's no problem.  Walleyes, on the other hand, are fish of another color. But if the DNR's reports are correct, I've got a body of water in mind that fits the bill nicely.  Typical pot hole and bedrock track off a backwoods sand road gets you there.  And walleyes?  Uf dah, lots of walleyes.
     The lake's a hundred forty acre, snaky cut through birch and pine.  Drops to forty-five feet in places with points and coves galore.  And it's those points that'll tell our tale.  We'll work 'em inside and out.  Tipped jigs bounced along the bottoms and maybe slip bobbers if the fish are suspended.  God forbid we should we should troll for them but who knows?
     The other two lakes are uncharted waters to the Iowa men.  One's a hidden, tiny boat only, access to a classic lake without a public access.  Even has a good walleye count if you can keep them out of the mouths of the muskies.  But, for me it's smallmouth country.  The other is the backwoods micro-chain of lakes I came upon last year. The one with the hillbilly encampment.  Probably just bass and panfish but fresh water is always a treat.

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