Friday, February 19, 2016

Decisions, Decisions

     Yup, goin' to the Boundary Waters this spring.  And heading to an odd, dead end corner.  Many small walleyes, a few big ones.  Good perch also.  Problem is there's only one proper way to enter the lake we'll set up on and that way hasn't been maintained in an unknown number of years.  Read a blog discussion on the entry point and no one seemed in agreement as to what to do.  Finally e-mailed the powers that be and got an answer almost immediately.  Their solution was to go in the wrong entry - or maybe that was the correct one - as the proper one might not be passable.  Seems the right thing to do would be to simply do away with the unused point.  Or send in a crew to clean up the access.
     Stellar Mason, the Superior National Forest agent I e-mailed, also forwarded a BWCA planning guide and the guide cleared up my confusion.  I'll say no more at the moment and should the fishing be excellent, I may remain quiet on the subject.

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