Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Boy's Gotta Backside

     Doubt very much we'll make it on the water next week but who knows?  I sure don't but'd bet we will.  Just like Goldilock's bears, there'll be three of us.  We'll be paddling in the Wenonah and she's a two seater.  No matter how I do the math, one of our butts will have to sit on the floor (That means you Matt.  Sorry, there's a pecking order in canoe travel and you're not high on the list).  No fun at all.  Gave a moment's thought and figured to solve the problem with a store bought drop in seat.  Simple, easy to use and might be useful in the future.  Three grandsons and a granddaughter all too young too paddle but probably willing to cruise a backwoods lake.  But, geez eh, it'd be plastic and metal.  No esthetics.  Didn't take but a moment or two more to mentally to conjure up the paddle scraps sitting on my workbench and realize the seat was already sitting there waiting to be trimmed up and assembled.  At the moment the bench is glued up and clamped.  Aspen, ash and aromatic cedar.  One-of-a-kind.  Homemade.  Folk art.  Useable and will only cost me my time.  Gotta love that.

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