Monday, June 8, 2015


     Oh yeah, remembered hat and gloves.  Lows in the mid-40s.  Good to keep the bugs and my ear temperature down.
     As usual I'm apprehensive, jittery.  I get this way before every trip and know for sure it's gonna suck big time.  But it never does.  When we hit the road it all changes.  'Spose that's not a forever thing but I hope fortune has at least one more run.
     Hardest part at the end is choosing a hat.  It's gotta say 'I've been here before' without looking too much like Joe Northwoods.  My old school, waxed Filson?  Great hat but it's not all that comfortable.  One of the hats Allan had a hand in designing?  Maybe, brings in family but it's seen better days.  Then there's my Dollar Store Jeff Foxworthy ball cap.  Got his name on it in four place and it's sky blue so my head blends in with the background a smallmouth would see.  Camo, baby, camo.  What to do, what to do?

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