Thursday, January 29, 2015

Is It Spring Yet?

     Yup, it's official.  In kind of an unofficial sense.  My nephew Brian is definitely up for some Boundary Waters smallmouth fishing around the first of June.  Huzzah!  So far we haven't decided how many days or exactly when.  Timing is always a challenge when you have to work for a living.  Regardless, the choice is his.  Also, there might be a conflict with what the Iowa boys see fit as to fishing dates.  Oh well, I'll deal with that when and if.  A possible two fishing trips in the same month?  My cup runneth over.
     Oddly enough the idea of e-mailing Brian was inspired by an Uncle Emil entry where the two of us are fixing to fish the very same waters.  For a man who never lived Emil sure has been an inspiration.

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