Thursday, December 18, 2014

Panic Time

     So what did I forget?  Have one rod and one reel.  Enough so long as nothing goes wrong.  Best pack another set, but which ones?  Decided on a decent reel I have no love for and a seven and a half foot fiberglass light weight I kinda do like.  Problem solved?  Problems are never solved, they simply evolve.
     Then there's all the lure making stuff.  Blades, wire former, buck tails, etc.  I know I've missed something but I'll be damned if I'm treading through all the crap again.
     Yeah, packing for three months involves a lot of preparation.  Just writing these words makes me want to throw in a couple of fly rod setups just in case.  Or maybe pack the waders.  Yeah, the waders.  I can just see me now, ball deep in the bay, humming a happy tune, when along floats a jellyfish.  Then another, and another till I'm surrounded by the slimy buggers.  My waders aren't breathable.  In a panic I just might fill them to the knees with bodily fluids.  Not good.  Best sleep on it.

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