Tuesday, September 9, 2014


     We leave in 24 hours.  Tent pack, food pack, rod tubes, paddles and stove are in the car.  Just the gear pack remains and it'll be a honker.  Maybe a few small helium balloons tied to the straps would make it lighter.  As it is the pack will go 55 pounds.  Back in the Canada days that was normal.  Somehow or other we'll get 'er over the portage.
     I've been over the list a half dozen times for fear I'll forget something, like maybe the canoe.  So much stuff for a three day camping trip.  You'd think we were heading to the tundra for a month's expedition.  Since it's a fishing trip we have about 25 pounds of tackle.  My God, 25 pounds of tackle!  Makes me feel like Al Lindner getting ready to film a new episode.  Oh well, with a little luck we'll only have the one 217 rod portage, at worst two and the second is half as long.
     It would be simpler if I didn't get so worked up over something I've done dozens of times in the past.  But that's the way it is.  As for what's waiting for us on the water, I have a few small hopes.  Wouldn't mind catching a laker.  A few smallies would also be nice.  Mostly I'd like for my nephew Brian to have a good time and boat dozens of fish.  And, of course, keep the lake on the outside of the boat.

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