Sunday, July 6, 2014


     The zip isn't what it once was.  Hasn't been for a few years now.  What if my zest for fishing continues to decline?  Where does that leave me?  Been retired for close to five years and never figured this would happen.  I do enjoy my time on the water but not down here in the cities as much as up north.  All the gear stands ready but I'm not.  Seems like too much work to travel four blocks to water much less the trek to the north woods.  A ten foot, eight weight fly rod is now rigged as a spinning rod.  Has been for two weeks and I still have no idea if it will work.
     Don't want to think too deeply about it.  Thinking and fishing don't seem to go together.  A fish in the dark below the waves is more an emotional thing for me.  It speaks to me so long as my brain doesn't get in the way.  Guess I'm waiting for a little rekindling of zing.

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