Friday, May 30, 2014

Wide Pine

     That's the plan.  I've fished the lake a dozens of times but now it's time to learn it.  End the pretender business.  Headin' north tomorrow.  There's mowing to be done plus the usual cleaning.  The Deans are to arise from Iowa in ten days and I'd like to be ready for them.
     Already packed in the truck are my oldest rods.  That they throw flies is part of the plan.  The other part is catching fish.  Ain't done that in a while.  Maybe I've already caught my share and my future will be filled with days of skunk.  Become like Santiago in The Old Man and the Sea.  I figure if he'd been satisfied with bluegills his luck would have been better.  Maybe not.  As far as I know there's not a lot of bluegills in Cuba.
     Last time up north I once again reread Hemingway's, Big Two Hearted River.  Again it struck me that Hemingway's tale was a precursor of Dr. Seuss's, Green Eggs and Ham.  Both wrote a complete story with only fifty words.  Of course that's an exaggeration.  Hemingway used more words but doubt he had to crack open a thesaurus.  On the other hand, Seuss wrote his in verse.  I'd call that a push.

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