Monday, March 3, 2014

Me and Emil

     Been away for a while 'cause me and my Uncle Emil have been on a Canadian fishin' trip up in Manitoba.  The year was (is) 1961.  Some of it may sound familiar.  Some just plain weird.
     Mostly it's a story that's writing itself.  Yup. I've been told stories don't really do that.  That if a person says that's what's happening, they're lyin'.  When I started all I'd figured out was that Emil and I were goin' fishing somewhere.  That it turned out to be Manitoba is no surprise.
     But somewhere along the way things began to happen.  What started out as an Emil story had evolved into a fourteen year old me story.  And is pointed toward being read by a fourteen year old boy.  Young adult literature with a mystical twist?   Didn't see that coming.  And didn't see where they were gonna end up till midway along their road.  And don't know if that will be the end of the story.
     Have to admit it's fun writing something like that.  As always, one thing leads to another.  Me and the boys sit down and think it over.  Something comes out.  Not earth shaking but what is?

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