Saturday, August 3, 2013


     I said I'd never do it but there it is, temptation.  Three hours to go on the bidding for a quality bamboo rod.  Now going for two hundred less than it's worth.  What to do, what to do ?
     Three days later:  What to do turned out to be look and learn.  I didn't buy, didn't bid but watched a couple of three hundred and fifty dollar rods go for a third their value.  And about fifty bucks more than I'd pay for a fly rod.  Even if I'd bought one, what would I do with it?
     Another way I look at it is bamboo flooring goes for less than three dollars a board foot.  They're glued up bamboo strips much the same as a bamboo rods.  No hand work or tapering in the flooring and the quality is nowhere near the same.  But the difference in price is astronomical.  Mystique doesn't come cheaply.  No doubt about it, I am one sick puppy.

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