Monday, July 22, 2013

Help! Help! I've been butchered.

     A half year ago I submitted some essays for a new publication, The BWCA Reader.  One of them was published.  It had started out as a 3,000 word essay called An Unexpected Gift which I'd blogged a couple of years ago.  To fit the needs of the book I cut 'er in third but managed to keep some humor in it.  Today I received my complimentary copy and read the essay, at least I think it was mine.  In all fairness to the publisher, he did say most essays were cut significantly to fit the needs of the book.  And he did retain my favorite paragraph.  But... that's all I'll say.
     Maybe it was my fault.  I do tend to meander and add color.  And not all of what I wrote was about the Boundary Waters.  Guess I drew it out as a personal tale about me and Rod and left the BWCA to its own devices.  Not a good idea considering the nature of the book.

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