Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Third Time's the Charm

     Don't know if it was the first, might have been the second, or even the third deer tick I pulled off, whichever one it was, I now have Lyme disease.  I'll write more late.  For now I'm gonna lay down and take a nap.
     I was propped up in a chair last light trying to sleep.  Not easy to do when your head's in a vice.  Anyhow, to pass the time in the dark, I went through the litany of animals that have tried to make a home or pop a hole in my body over the decades.  The first I recall, outside of mosquitoes 'cause they don't count, was a bee, a yellow jacket.  Stung in a finger when I was eight.  Since then, one form of bee or other, has gotten me on dozens of occasions.  There have been leeches, fire ants, red ants, spiders, deer ticks, wood ticks, and a myriad of things too small to be seen that made themselves at home in my body when I was in Vietnam.  I figure those last little buggers are still there.
     The wonders of modern science are saving me.  Four weeks of dosing myself with massive antibiotics and I'll be as good as new.  Well, at age 66, that phrase doesn't have the same meaning it once did.
     While talking to the lady at the pharmacist counter in Pine River I learned that Lyme disease has become a way of life in the northland.  Seems her husband has had it every year for the last fourteen.  That can't be good.  And there's obviously no such thing as immunity.  Get it every year or even more than once a year.  Something to be looked forward to.
     Yes, the four of us did continue fishing in the two days that followed the deluge.  Five times on the water and full rain gear each time.  Lucky for us it rained every time we were fishing or we'd have sure felt foolish.

     Crap.  Time passes.  Storms roll by.  Trees blow down.  Poles get snapped off and fools like me lose internet connectivity.  So I have to drive a bit to make a connection.  And get behind in writing.  Seeing as how I have no time schedule how can I get behind?  However I did come up with a few ideas for Uncle Emil but am waiting till my Lyme Disease lethargy passes and I feel like being other than dead brained.
     This weekend I'm back up to the cabin for three days with a nephew and his youngest.  The idea is to hit the back of beyond and scare a few fish.  A generation or so ago, Brian and I spent time up north building the cabin.  Now we've bumped a generation into the future.  Where did the time go?  You tell me and I'll go look for it.  Must be there somewhere.

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