Thursday, April 26, 2012

Catch and Release - Growing up

     Catch and release isn't a philosophic notion for me. Not about live and let live. Nor spare the pain of a needless death for all living things. Though I can't say a needless and painful death appeals to me personally. At the moment no form of death appeals to me. But the thought has crossed my mind. And as I get older, the reality of it is a little closer also a little unsettling.
     There's a scene in the last reincarnation of King Kong that got me squirming and thinking. In it several members of the ship's crew are in a deep trench and being attacked by giant things that normally are small and live under a rock. One of the bugs has a man by the head and trying to suck him own. Holy crap! I'm sitting there wondering, if that was me at what point would I give up the ghost and let the thing eat me? And what would that be like? I doubt very much, on an eat or be eaten level, if such a thing as catch and release happens. We're an odd species, us human beings.
     There is a point in here somewhere. I'm looking hard. Back here in the real world I guess it's laziness. What's the point of going through all the work of killing and cleaning something when I don't need it as food? So much simpler to throw the bugger back and eat the spaghetti sauce I've made back at the cabin. Throw in the plus that I'm a big time pasta fan.
     Can't say there's anything new in what's above. But it does tie in with the way I've come to look at my life. And life in general. Simply put, philosophy doesn't determine my inlook and outlook so much as what works for me does. I'm looking for a win-win and a lack of guilt. Maybe a little fulfillment and a good night's sleep brought on by fatigue. Simplify. Slip away from the noise of the ever noisier world. And somehow, someway, finish the damned basement bathroom.
     The notion of living forever is appealing. Must be or I'd have given up on it long ago. In the Land of the Fishing there's always a next year. Until there isn't. I try to act the wise old man, tell the world, or at least anyone who'd listen, actually it's mostly dogs, cats don't seem to give a rat's ass about anything, that I've finally grown up, realized my mortality. But that's a lie.

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