Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lost at Sea

     Well, it took fourteen months and I'm caught up. Not a lot more to say about wilderness canoe fishing or the cabin 'til the ice turns to water in the spring. Maybe I'll somehow end up back in the boonies for a while. Of course there's always the grunt work of entering photos in Learning Curve. Don't like that title. Maybe I'll go stand in the corner 'til I come up with something better. Could also reread everything and correct the grammar. Must be an ocean of screwups to hold my interest. What fun!
     So where to go from here? A question like that sounds like I'm gonna get all philosophical. Been down that road and it ain't pretty. Gotta have a story behind it. And a story as true as you can make it. No truth in philosophy. No matter the school, it's just a guess and not all that educated. Life is truth. It is what it is. Er go, a good story is truth. Simple enough and, once again, I'm just guessin'.
     If I could write a novel, I probably would. And probably wouldn't like myself for it. Fiction is cheating. Bends life to fit your story. No matter how good you tell it, no matter how much research, it's just not the truth. Novels end, life doesn't. Life doesn't tie things neatly together. Just seems to stumble on and on. Gotta stop. I'm getting lost. Out of my element.
     I know what I'd like to write about. Don't know if I should. Doesn't fit this blog and don't want to start another. Uncle Emil taught me that doesn't work. He also says I've more or less become him. Maybe always have been.
     Enough with the whining already. Been on this writing jag for nine years solid. Don't know why I do it. But I do. And enjoy the hell out of it. Weather permitting I head north next friday. Between I'll start tying small, trout sized spinners. Come spring hit the cabin trout lakes and maybe camp up by Portage brook. See if the great-great-great grand children of the brookies Rod and I caught back in '66 are there waiting for me.

P.S.  I keep forgetting this. The background photo for the blog was taken by Allan from our camp on Wedge Lake in Manitoba.

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